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We provide algorithmic optimizations for your business

Speed - Optineon Solutions improve the Existing & manage the Risks

- The Optineon Business Intelligence tools do not require a change of the IT systems landscape

– Our tools sweep over the existing data landscape and organize data in a highly structured way

- The structured data allows to create a Speed Layer for fast decision making

- Immedieate customer loyalty increase and upselling opportunities to drive growth

- Speed allows for faster, hence more cost efficient processes and more accurate decision making with a positive impact on quality

- The integration of key stakeholders allows to combine business data and external curated data, which over time will provide access to a vast pool of data being used for new business

Simplified - The Speed Layer allows to make all existing data sources accessible for fast decision making

- The Speed Layer enables short-term commercial benefits with attractive return on investment

- Speed Layer allows to build Advisory team that creates upselling opportunities and increases customer loyalty

- Build Speed Layer to integrate data into one common source to enable Business Intelligence

- Domain stakeholder with faster response time and more competent assessment toward clients and partners; increase of speed & quality

How to Build a Modern Data Architecture?

1.) Assess
2.) Plan Your Approach
3.) Implement Your Plan
4.) Sustain

Business competitiveness depends on an organization’s ability to leverage data. Enterprises still have trouble when accessing their data, especially legacy mainframe data. Many companies have a fragmented data architecture that doesn’t support their strategic objectives.

Enabling enterprise-wide analytics that incorporate data from a combination of internal and external sources. Successful companies operate beyond method-& function-specific analytics and even interdepartmental analytics.

Well-established companies haven’t had the benefit of using all their data from day one. Based on Optineon's Tool-chain, your business can create a "Modern Data Architecture" that includes any data source regardless of the data’s type, format, origin, or location in a manner that’s fast, easy, cost-effective, secure, and future-proof.

Why Most "Modern Data Architectures" Are Incomplete?

We offer business optimization, addressability, processing and storing of very large datasets

Optineon Common Data Framework (OCDF) based on 2-Speed IT – the lambda architecture

The Optineon Common Data Framework is the central point for storing all business-relevant data in a comprehensive operational data layer. All the data are available in their original state and are continuously collated and saved in the greatest detail. This all takes place in extremely cost-effective and efficient manner combined with adequate computing capacity either for running analyses directly on the Optineon’s data platform. A consistent backup strategy for all the historical data allows detailed data to be historically accessed in full even years later, or error analyses to be run with unprecedented reliability.

The main challenges with historical data is not their volume, but rather their heterogeneous nature. Structures and significances are constantly changing. The big data lambda architecture allows for a uniform view of historical data.


Real-time analysis --> the architecture is key!

The architecture as success factor. The 2-Speed IT (lambda architecture) Optineon propagate masters the major challenges associated with processing real-time data streams. This architecture can be scaled to cope with any number of data streams as well as the transmitted data sets. Components can be replicated to boost the system’s performance accordingly. Processing components for real-time analyses can be incorporated in the data stream.


Software Engineering

Our consultants have long-term experience in mathematical optimization, algorithm design, and software engineering.

Acquisition & Processing

Curate your Data

Different organizations are at different stages of data-driven maturity, but all of them facing the following challenges:

Data access. Companies tend to lack the expertise they need to liberate data from all their systems. Departments, business units and individuals hesitate to share their data with others for fear of losing control.

Environmental complexity. Enterprise systems have expanded out from mainframes and data warehouses to mobile, cloud, and the IoT world.

Performance. Fast ever-growing data volumes (big data) overwhelm IT infrastructure and systems. This slow down drastically processing, network performance and results delivery.

Data quality. Poor data quality impacts tremendously the accuracy of data analytics. It also affects the reliability of machine learning, further simulations and modelling.

Multiple data types and formats. More data types and formats make data integration more complex than ever.

Data delays. Businesses lack timely access to data because it’s trapped in systems.

Data strategy. Many organizations lack of a holistic data strategy. This issue is so critical to quality that some organizations have appointed Chief Data Officers.

Inadequate resources. Tight IT budgets and the current shortage of data-related talent slow progress & projects.

In the area of environmental acquisition, processing and monitoring we offer solutions and workflows for all steps between data acquisition, staging, archiving and publication of data. We offer real-time/near-real-time solutions.


Enable Accurate Analytics and Machine Learning

Truly insightful analytics and machine learning require two things: access to data and good quality data. Optineon enables both.

Customers adopting or expanding their analytics are able to gain insights that were impossible to get before by combining modern and legacy data. Examples include customer journeys, supply chain optimization, fraud detection, and other cross-departmental insights that can increase revenue and reduce operating costs. With Syncsort, you can access, profile and combine any data you need whether it’s internal or external, static or streaming. You can also assure data quality, including golden records, which enables more accurate insights.

If your company uses machine learning, Optineon helps ensure that your training data is reliable. User-friendly data profiling tools help you understand whether the body of data you have is adequate to solve a target problem, and data quality software helps ensure your data is valid, accurate and fit for purpose.

Decision Support

Services & Systems

An optimizer is a system that takes your planning challenge as input and finds a solution for it - mathematically and fully automatically. We are specialized on constructing and implementing custom-made optimizers. Challenge us!

We provide expertise, services, and technology in mathematical business optimization and bring computation to business value.

Do you have a business case with a need for optimization?
Do you want to increase profit?
Do you have to decrease costs?
Do you seek to handle more business with the same resources and costs?



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